What clients want from a PR agency: An interesting guide

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As a PR professional, have you ever taken a moment to reflect on what clients genuinely want from a PR agency? In September, I had the opportunity to attend the Convoy Global PR Group’s gathering in the UK. As part of their innovative #LorryLab initiative, they brought in a client who shared their unfiltered perspective on the matter.

It exceeded my expectations and fundamentally transformed my preconceived notions.

Here are five key aspects that clients prioritise and want from a PR agency, listed in this particular order.

Getting the Basics Right: Names, Brands, and Beyond

First impressions matter, and getting the basics right is non-negotiable in the world of PR. Clients expect their agency to be meticulous about the smallest details, starting with the correct spelling of names and brands. A reliable PR agency should ensure that every piece of content, be it a press release or a social media post, is error-free and aligns perfectly with the client’s identity and message.

Getting Media Coverage: Making Waves in the Right Places

Securing media coverage is at the heart of what PR agencies do. Clients look to their PR partners to craft compelling narratives and secure placements in influential media outlets. Agencies must demonstrate a deep understanding of the client’s industry, target audience, and the media landscape. Whether it’s a feature in a prestigious magazine or a segment on a popular news channel, clients expect their PR agency to create a buzz that amplifies their brand’s visibility.

Building Trust: The Foundation of Long-Term Relationships

Trust forms the bedrock of any successful client-agency relationship. Clients want a PR agency they can rely on, not just in delivering results, but also in handling sensitive information with utmost confidentiality. A trustworthy agency becomes an extension of the client’s team, offering strategic counsel and support during both triumphs and crises. Transparent communication and a demonstrated commitment to the client’s goals are essential in building and maintaining this trust.

Providing Honest Feedback: Navigating the Path to Improvement

Constructive criticism is invaluable. Clients appreciate an agency that provides honest feedback. This feedback loop fosters continuous improvement, allowing clients to refine their strategies and messaging effectively. A PR agency that offers insightful analysis, identifies areas of growth, and proposes actionable solutions adds tremendous value. Clients want partners who not only celebrate successes but also help them learn from setbacks, ensuring a forward trajectory in their PR efforts.

Mutual Benefit Activities: Going the Extra Mile

Beyond the conventional scope of work, clients seek agencies that actively contribute to their growth and success. Participating in mutually beneficial activities, such as entering industry awards that showcases the agency’s dedication to excellence. Winning awards not only brings recognition to the agency but also enhances the client’s reputation. Clients appreciate agencies that proactively identify such opportunities and work collaboratively to attain accolades that validate their efforts and achievements.

After establishing a strong foundation of success and trust, you will be well-positioned to request a meeting with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or participate in internal planning sessions. This will allow you to deepen your partnerships and collaboratively work towards mutual success, solidifying your business relationships for the long term.


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