Synology is a Taiwanese company that specialises in Network-attached storage (NAS). They faced strong competitors in the local market and a weak appetite for coverage from consumer-tech journalists as NAS devices are seen as mostly utilitarian, lacking the appeal of entertainment, gaming and other high-end devices.

They approached Red Ribbon to build brand awareness and a positive reputation for their NAS models amongst tech-savvy consumers. We needed to make the technology more appealing by highlighting the benefits of NAS devices over cloud storage.

The first leg of the campaign focused on building a foundation of content to establish Synology as a thought leader in the market. We also organised a sponsored trip to Computex 2018 for a journalist from Popular Mechanics, one of the biggest consumer-tech publications in South Africa.

From this foundation, we moved towards reaching the target audience through product reviews in major consumer-tech publications. We also approached early adopters and tech influencers to review Synology’s products. This also included notable photographers and videographers who could promote the products to other visual content creators.


reviews in consumer-tech media


pieces of coverage in Popular Mechanics from sponsored trip


increase in local Google search interest