Elekta’s first African user meeting: Successful health tech PR

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There is nothing better than spending three days out of the office and having Table Mountain as the first sight when you wake up in the mornings! As I was organising an excited health tech PR event, I was treated to both of these luxuries while organising Elekta’s first African user meeting in Cape Town, at the Lagoon Beach Hotel.

After enjoying the best view in the world and starting my day with a Truth coffee from their mobile station we organised for the Elekta user meeting. With such a great morning behind me, it was easy to face the challenges that come with organising a health tech PR event with more than 60 attendees flying in from all over Africa.

We organised all the key administrative elements, such as name tags, agendas and sound. And, we also had lots of fun dreaming up unforgettable entertainment for the evening dinners.

Here’s to a very successful health tech PR event and fantastic feedback from our client:
“The Red Ribbon team is super stars! They are very proactive, rigorous and supportive. We are very satisfied and I can confidently recommend Red Ribbon for managing any event. Thank you again for making Elekta’s first African user meeting such a resounding success!” 
Erik Leksell, Managing Director – Sub Sahara Africa at Elekta

4 reasons you need specialists to organise your health tech PR events

Organising events on your own will definitely be overwhelming if it is not something you do on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact that you have deals to close and a business to run. Instead, let an experienced PR agency do it for you. Here are some of the reasons why you need a specialist PR agency:

1. Narrative building

PR agencies know how to create a great narrative around your event or launch. They are masters of storytelling. As a result, your health tech PR event will pull people in both intellectually and emotionally – a recipe for success.

 2. Getting the word out

Specialists in the PR industry know how to work the media. With the right people by your side, your event will be both well-attended and well-covered. They also know who to reach out to, and have the contacts ready to call. This means you won’t have to spend time and effort building those relationships yourself.

3. Overall strategy

In the world of PR, you need to work holistically. You can’t simply have a health tech PR event, without working on media, social media, and other content mediums too. However, this is extremely time consuming. Rather than figuring it all out on your own, allow a PR agency to take on overall strategy for you.

4. Managing the outcomes

Hosting an event comes with some risks. Damaging press, unfortunate accidents, and unplanned occurrences can cause it all to go bad. Of course, with a PR agency on your side, your crisis management is taken care of for you. Although, we do hope you never need it.

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