Marketing Campaign & Reputation Management

Marketing Strategies & Management

Red Ribbon Communications are adept at helping you understand your customer and competitor landscape through in-depth research and data analytics.
We use this knowledge in telling your brand story and gaining awareness through targeted media campaigns to managing your brand reputation.

By helping you understand your consumer better, we deliver directly to their needs, and endear the brand with consumers.

We have partners and networks that run deep with many cumulated years of experience to help you navigate and deliver on the best marketing strategies for your brand.

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Marketing Campaign Services:

Our marketing and campaign management services offering includes, but is not limited to:

• Campaign Design, Budget and Management
• Digital Marketing Strategy
• Reputation Correction & Management
• Social Media Campaign Management
• Blogging & Content Strategy
Synology’s NAS, has been described as ‘unsexy’ and only a few extremely ‘tech savvy’ journalists have heard of them. Red Ribbon were tasked to build brand awareness and a positive reputation in a short space of time.
Find out how Red Ribbon created a positive association, demand and reputation for an inconspicuous brand.

African Exposure

Our campaign and reputation management services stretch beyond South Africa. We can help you create, manage, control and maintain any specific marketing messages, campaigns or reputation correction where needed.