How to successfully launch your B2B tech company in South Africa

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When it comes to launching a B2B tech company in South Africa, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind in order to be successful.

When launching a B2B tech media relations strategy in South Africa, it’s important to adopt a distinct and focused approach that differs from strategies employed in other countries. We have been doing it for the last 20 years. This is what we have learned:

Get to know your local market

Launching a B2B tech media relations strategy in South Africa can be challenging, particularly due to the scarcity of available data and local insights regarding potential customers. To overcome this hurdle, we recommend conducting local surveys to gather essential data and insights that can aid in developing content that can stimulate discussions, create sustained interest in the media, and deliver value even after the survey results are obtained.

This strategy has proven effective for various clients, most recently Digimune and ZeroFox.

Have a local and well-trained spokesperson

To effectively represent your brand in South Africa, it’s crucial to have a local spokesperson who comprehends the country’s intricacies and can respond to inquiries from a South African perspective. An international spokesperson who lacks knowledge about the nuances of South Africa will be less effective.

Your spokesperson must also be accessible and effectively trained to handle a variety of interviews, as such opportunities can arise with little warning. Failure to have your spokesperson readily available can harm your relationships with journalists.

Show local commitment

To solidify your brand’s presence in South Africa, demonstrating a commitment to the country is crucial. This could involve opening a local office or creating job opportunities for South Africans. Additionally, supporting local charities, offering free training for the youth, or collaborating with other South African businesses or entrepreneurs can also help. By engaging with the country and its people, you can significantly enhance your brand’s positioning in the local media.

Consider local socio-economic challenges with sensitivity

To establish a strong presence in South Africa, it’s crucial for any international company to acknowledge and address the socio-economic challenges that many locals encounter. This entails being mindful of issues like the prevalent unemployment rate, sluggish economic progress, and increasing inflation when crafting your messaging.

Effective communication around these issues can help in building your brand in the country.

Invest in long-term media relations

Red Ribbon has a proven track record of assisting international B2B tech firms in launching their brands in South Africa, with notable companies like Fortinet, UiPath, Zensar, and Motorola Solutions among them.

Our success stems from our ability to build strong personal relationships between these firms and local media. We believe that maintaining a consistent presence in the country is critical to maximise your chances of success, rather than adopting a sporadic project-based approach.

Over the past four years, we have been serving as the retained PR agency in South Africa and the rest of Africa for KnowBe4, the world’s largest integrated security awareness training platform. Through our efforts, we have positioned KnowBe4 AFRICA and their local spokesperson, Anna Collard, as thought-leaders in the field of security awareness training. Collard has earned the trust and respect of journalists, who often seek her out for expert commentary on cybersecurity matters.

Achieve brand success

Being a small, nimble, and owner-managed media relations agency, we are committed to providing exceptional results for any business launching their brand in South Africa.

Drawing upon decades of experience and expertise, we excel at achieving results and assisting our clients in succeeding in this dynamic market.

For additional information and practical guidance on achieving brand success in South Africa, download our free e-book.


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