Establish your LinkedIn corporate page before considering campaigns

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LinkedIn Corporate page

Advertising on your LinkedIn corporate page is a great opportunity for B2B technology companies to get in front of more decision makers. You can find your next business partner and introduce your company to potential customers by using it for  lead generation. As such, many companies are eager to get working on LinkedIn ad campaigns. However, we have learned – from experience – that you can’t start there. Launching an advertising campaign without doing some groundwork first, will lead to disappointing results.

You have to start by building a community and establish trust by engaging with your followers on your LinkedIn corporate page. Find out everything you need to know to get started.

Optimise your LinkedIn corporate page

Your corporate page is one of millions competing for the attention of users. As such, you must ensure that your page stands out from the crowd and is well-set-up. Doing this will already push you in the direction of improving your presence and authority. Here are some tips to do this:

  • Ensure you have an eye-catching banner
  • Craft a strong “about us” section and be sure to add important keywords
  • Fill in all your company information, including website link, location, and industry

An incomplete page will make you look unprofessional and disorganised, and will likely cause page visitors to think twice about your product. In a similar vein, if you launch a campaign or start advertising with an incomplete LinkedIn corporate page, your efforts are likely to bring in less than favourable results.

Build your LinkedIn corporate page community

Research has found that building communities on social media platforms can significantly improve marketing efforts. Marketing efforts are around 48% more effective when you have an active community. Communities also generate about 6.7% ROI for businesses.

Building a community means that you will have loyal followers. It also increases engagement on your page, which means your organic reach is boosted. All of this factors in to a more successful LinkedIn campaign. Without it, your advertisements may be significantly less effective or may even go unnoticed by many of your potential customers.

To start building your community, you need to get your employees engaged, participate in conversations, use hashtags, tag people in your posts, and grow your connections and followers.

Establish trust in your LinkedIn corporate page

Look back on your own purchasing history. We’re sure that – when you make large purchases – you do thorough research. You likely look to reviews of the product or service, recommendations, and posts and publications too. In essence, you first want to trust the brand before making the purchase, right?

Trust is one of the major contributors to buying decisions. Therefore, the results of a campaign are likely to be disappointing if activity on your page is low. People will come across the campaign, dig a little deeper, and then opt if they don’t feel assured.

So how to your increase trust in your page? Here are some quick tips:

  • Post useful, informative content that adds value – and do this regularly
  • Share your blog posts
  • Increase employee advocacy on your page
  • Share some case studies or customer reviews
  • Engage with your followers in an authentic way

Once you gain the trust of potential buyers, an advertisement is likely to be much more effective.

Next steps

Without a well-established LinkedIn corporate page, your LinkedIn campaigns and advertisements stand to go unseen. Don’t let the hard work go to waste. Ensure that you grow and optimise your page before you get started on any paid marketing on the platform. To find out more about growing your LinkedIn page, contact Red Ribbon Communications today.



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