4 Digital transformation communication strategies for your business

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If you’re running a business, digital transformation should be on your mind. Not only has the digital world made many shifts in recent years, but it is also a constantly changing sphere. This means you’ll always have to adjust and modernise.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one-man band decorating cakes at home, or stand at the head of a multi-national corporation with hundreds of employees – this affects you.

Digital transformation affects how you engage with your customers and issue invoices, for example. But it also affects your business internally. It will change how staff apply for leave or even claim expenses. The key issue for big organisations is without employee buy-in, you will struggle to reap the rewards. Effective communication is the key.

As a PR agency with a strong focus on local and international tech businesses, Red Ribbon Communications has been in the driving seat of communicating digital transformation. Here are four vital steps to ensure a smooth and rewarding transformation process:

1. Identify and formulate your vision

First things first, you need to know what your vision for digital transformation is.  You need to formulate it in a way that is compelling, yet simple to understand. This vision needs to start at the top. Executives must build this vision for transformation and set tangible targets.

As a communicator, you have an exciting opportunity. You can create enthusiasm around a new way of working and reshape organisational culture. You also have a chance to deliver better experiences to your customers.

2. Get your troops on board

Once your message is formulated, it’s time to get your employees on board with the digital transformation. To facilitate lasting change, you have to engage with your team and communicate. Tell them what must be achieved, and why, so that everyone will understand how crucial it is. Address the need for change with examples. Ensure that these examples show how the shifts in operational strategy will enable them to excel in their positions.

3. Rally your generals

You can’t drive digital transformation alone. If you want to be successful in your bid to facilitate change at grassroots level, you have to start from the top down. Engage with your senior leaders and equip them with the tools they require to build commitment and enable alignment to the new strategy. These are the people who provide day-to-day leadership, and you need to be sure that they are rallied to your cause.

4. Communicate clearly and consistently

Consider these guidelines for clear and consistent communication:

  • Have fun with branding. Make your change initiatives easy to remember. To do this, come up with a distinct brand for easy recognition and slogans that can be repeated frequently.
  • Show your work. Employees are far more likely to buy into change if they can see how it will benefit the organisation and that it ties in with the business’ overall goals. Help the organisation to see how every action is a part of the larger strategy.
  • Lead by example. Be the change you want to see in your organisation. Use new technology, mobile devices and social media for your communication efforts.
  • Get the word out. Share your digital drive with potential customers and talent. This will brand your company as an innovative organisation. Internally, it will create excitement about the change.

Final thoughts

By following these four steps, you will lay the groundwork for a fuss-free digital transformation within your business. Keep an eye on the blog as we share more helpful advice on streamlining internal and external communications for your business or brand.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to a Red Ribbon Communications representative if you would like to learn more about our PR services.


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