Celebrating 21 years of PR prowess: A Founder’s journey of success

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As Red Ribbon Communications commemorates its remarkable 21-year journey in the PR industry, founder Ronelle Bester reflects on the factors contributing to making it one of the most successful independent PR agencies in South Africa.

In an era where the digital landscape undergoes rapid transformations, enduring for over two decades is a significant feat. “We’ve had to adapt to changing times by embracing challenges and explore new concepts,” says Ronelle Bester, founder of Red Ribbon Communications “By taking risks and trying new services, we constantly innovated and managed to stay ahead of the curve.

“Our commitment to excellence, authenticity, and best practices has been the driving force behind our success as a PR company.”

Today, Red Ribbon Communications is trusted by the best. The agency counts LG Electronics, a Top 100 global brand, and Fortinet, a Fortune 500 company, amongst its clients. “Over the years, we have partnered with a diverse range of companies in B2B tech, cybersecurity, fintech, SaaS, healthtech, cleantech, telecommunications, robotics, IoT and other IT industries,” Bester reflects. “We have positioned ourselves as industry leaders in creating thought leadership content.”

Here are some strategies Red Ribbon Communications has implemented to ensure its long-term success:

Cultivating a supportive company culture

One of the most important aspects of building a successful PR agency is fostering a nurturing company culture. It begins with the deliberate selection of employees whose personalities and values align with the existing team. Emphasising teamwork as a core value reinforces the collaborative spirit within the company, encouraging employees to leverage each other’s strengths to work collectively towards shared goals. In this way, a cohesive company culture becomes the bedrock for sustained success and employee satisfaction.

Health and wellbeing

The well-being of our team is a fundamental aspect of our culture. We ensure everyone is thriving both professionally and personally by having regular check-ins, flexible working hours and meeting-free Fridays. Our annual two self-care days and a full day off on birthdays, creates a workplace where individuals feel valued. This approach reflects our dedication to fostering a balanced lifestyle for all members of the Red Ribbon family.

Curating an exceptional team

Our strength derives from the invaluable contributions of our team. Human creativity and interpersonal relationships are key to a successful PR agency. We prioritise recruiting experienced PR professionals and exceptional freelancers whilst also identifying and nurturing emerging talent. Some of our employees have been with the company for more than a decade. This creates consistency and builds trust with our clients.

Continuous learning

We ingrained a commitment to continuous learning. We pride ourselves on our adaptability, constantly seeking new insights, skills, and perspectives. Being a member of two international PR networks has been a driving force in ensuring we stay up to date with best practices and emerging trends. These strategic alliances not only provide us with a global network of PR professionals but also opens doors to collaborative opportunities and shared knowledge.

Immersing ourselves in clients’ businesses

Immersing ourselves in the businesses of our clients, whether launching multinationals in South Africa or supporting local tech companies, is at the root of our success. We have partnered with many international companies such as UiPath, ZeroFox, Snyk, KnowBe4, Motorola Solutions, Sabre, Lenovo, MicroStrategy and local tech firms such Nclose, Maxtec, Callbi, Link Africa, BI Tanium and Property24.

Nurturing long-term relationships

In celebrating partnerships that span over a decade, we take pride in our longstanding client relationships. Focusing on creative content and pushing boundaries fosters trust, loyalty, and shared growth.

Staying true to our core

Despite the ever-changing marketing landscape and the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI), Red Ribbon Communications remains unwavering in its commitment to our principles. As competition intensifies, budgets tighten, and technological disruptions persist, our dedication to growing with our clients and providing a comprehensive content offering remains unchanged.

As we navigate the next chapter, we toast to another 21 years of PR success and making a difference for our clients.

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