Case Study: Synology


With Synology having limited brand awareness in South Africa, the challenge facing them was to build brand awareness and a positive reputation. Synology’s NAS, has been described as ‘unsexy’ and only a few extremely ‘tech savvy’ journalists have heard of them.


We started targeting the tech community as early-adopters to do product reviews. It was a very slow start and it took a while to get any success, but we persisted. We supplemented it with thought leadership articles on newsworthy topics and also distributed new product articles for general awareness. Our contract has been renewed and this second phase we are taking it a step further, focusing on consumer influencers in the photography and videography markets.


Synology’s sales in South Africa has skyrocketed the last six months due to better visibility and higher awareness of their products. Highlights include reviews done by TechSmart, Popular Mechanics, Gearburn, Business Brief, TECH magazine and Gadget. Brendon from Popular Mechanics also attended the 2018 Computex event in Taipei and published a feature article about Synology.