Case Study: Elekta

PR Success Story: Healthcare PR Campaign


Red Ribbon was given a brief by Elekta to highlight the availability of both quality and affordable cancer treatments in Namibia. Responses to the use of public relations vary from country to country. In this case the aim was to use mostly mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Namibia to ensure widespread media coverage and boost awareness of the various cancer treatment options.


Together with their partner agency in Namibia, Red Ribbon used reputable media outlets to spread the core message and highlight the efforts of Elekta. A highly focused media campaign was launched, targeting print, online and broadcast media outlets with a specialised interest in healthcare. The campaign was a phenomenal success, with the story being picked up by many of the country’s most reputable and widely consumed publications.


• Secured placements in 3 different verticals: mainstream, healthcare and technology
• Generated publicity in the 3 largest mainstream newspapers in Namibia
• 15% of the exposure generated was via national radio stations