Brands2Life Global Network supports Tree-Nation

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14 agencies worldwide commit to support the reforestation platform, on a pro-bono basis, to raise awareness of the threat of deforestation.

Tree-Nation, the worldwide platform to plant trees, has started working with Red Ribbon Communications, as part of the Brands2Life Global Network, to promote its projects in Africa, raising awareness of the threat of deforestation to our planet.

14 independent agencies from the Brands2Life Global Network, from markets including Australia, the USA, Israel, Latin America and South Africa, will be providing PR support on a pro-bono basis. This is the first time Tree-Nation has appointed an agency network for a global project. The project will be coordinated by Canela PR in Spain.

Tree-Nation wants to position itself as the largest tree planting platform worldwide. The results of this global campaign promise to raise brand awareness and ultimately start to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation.

Tree-Nation is home to 174 planting projects from 33 different countries around the world. So far , they have planted 5 million trees to make a positive impact on climate change, which is directly affected by deforestation. A single tree can offset up to 250 Kg of CO2 during its lifespan.

Maxime Renaudin, founder and CEO of Tree-Nation said: “Tree-Nation is a social platform, and the more people who know about us, the more value we can bring to society through the reforestation of our planet. Thanks to this collaboration with the Brands2Life Global Network, we hope to plant 1 million more trees during 2020.”

Ronelle Bester, MD of Red Ribbon Communications said: “We all need to play our part as global citizens to better care for the world’s environment. We must understand that our actions have consequences. With the race against climate change reaching such a critical point, we didn’t have to think twice to provide our services to Tree-Nation and use our team’s skills to do good. We’re thrilled to be involved.”

Fiona Goldsworthy, Head of Global, Brands2Life, said: “As a group of like-minded, globally aware agencies, we have all been inspired by the work of Tree-Nation in its efforts to offset the effects of deforestation. We feel privileged to play our small part by working together to raise awareness of Tree-Nation’s plight around the world.”

The Tree-Nation account will be coordinated by Canela PR in Spain and supported by Brands2Life (UK), Brands2Life US (USA), Blackie MacDonald Communications (Australia), Sherlock Communications (Latin America), EMC PR (Czech Republic), Highwire (USA), Shachar-MC (Israel), Red Ribbon Communications (South Africa), Canela PR (Portugal), Buman Media (Russia), Fabriq (France), Adel & Link (Germany), Candour (India) and Westmark (Sweden).


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